Restore Your Body’s Function through Gentle & Advanced Chiropractic and Needle-less Acupuncture integrative techniques

For patients wanting to experience the best of what both Chiropractic & Acupuncture have to offer, Dr. James specializes in combining the two healing arts and focusing on the body’s energy pathways in relation to the spine and nervous system, thereby achieving a more effective result. With the combined arts, Dr. James is able to maximize results without any excessive twisting and turning of the spine, or the use of needles. Difficult cases are our specialty!!

The spine encompasses the root of the nervous system, the spinal cord; thus making chiropractic a foundational choice for effective healing. Dr. James is also “Advanced Certified” in the Zone Healing Technique which allows him to provide the most modern, advanced, and gentle techniques to remove stress on the spine and nerves along with restoring energy flow through the meridians with a gentle touch of acupressure techniques. By integrating these two techniques, Dr. James has seen many people return to a level of health they previously thought was unattainable.

78.14 Acupuncture, 78.14(a), 78.14(j)