Chiropractic care is exceptional in the treatment of soft tissue injuries, especially of the spine.   Many studies have found individuals prefer chiropractic for the treatment of their auto accident injuries, including one study that found a reported 100% satisfaction of 190 whiplash victims evaluated.   Dr. James has advanced training in the treatment of whiplash conditions, emphasizing the biomechanics of injury mechanism, occupant kinematics, automobile crash reconstruction methods following a motor vehicle accident (MVA), most current knowledge of soft tissue, endocrinological, bony, and nervous system disorders, advanced diagnostic methodologies, and the comprehensive case management of whiplash and related disorders.  THIS IS WHY DR. JAMES IS YOUR BEST CHOICE FOR RESTORATION OF HEALTH FOLLOWING AN AUTO ACCIDENT.

Each year there are about 3 million new whiplash injuries in the U.S. with studies involving live humans showing that an auto accident of as little as 5 mph can cause a cervical (neck) injury, even if no damage is done to the car.

Often the symptoms of whiplash injury do not appear immediately, and can be delayed 24-48 hours or more.  Most common symptoms following a motor vehicle accident (MVA) are:

Headaches, dizziness, neck pain, back pain, muscle spasms, nerve pain, stiffness & soreness, extremity pain with possible numbness and tingling, memory problems, imbalance, and fatigue.

We will work with you!!  Dr. James works with all auto accident situations (if applicable), including:

  • Working with 3rd party insurance
  • Work directly with your lawyer for the most fair settlement
  • Work with your insurance covering almost 100% in most cases
  • Going to the doctor will NOT make your rates go up.  It’s the law.

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