Neck pain is the most common complaint with a whiplash injury and is reported by over 90% of patients.  Depending on the mechanism or severity of injury, the pain could be stemming from the muscles, vertebrae, joints, and/or discs in this region.  The pain can be localized, broad, and can also radiate to the skull, down the back, or into one or both of the arms.

Improper treatment of this injury could cause chronic pain down the road from any of the following factors:

  • Improper healing of muscles/ligaments causing scar tissue
  • Prolonged facet/joint restriction in the cervical region causing inflammation and future degeneration
  • Improper treatment of cervical disc herniation which could lead to chronic pain and/or weakness

Neck Pain: Proper diagnosis and treatment with Chiropractic

With different factors that cause cause neck pain, a proper consultation and examination is needed to determine what is causing the pain.  When you meet with Dr. James, you will first have a consultation, then an examination which could include: physical exam, orthopedic exam, x-rays, and/or functional and neurological testing.

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