Radiating pain can occur into the arms, legs, up and down the spine, and also to the base of the skull.  Following an auto accident however, the most common radiating pain is cervical radiculopathy occuring from a whiplash type of trauma.  This describes a radiating pain that begins in the neck and runs into the arms to the shoulder, arm, forearm and sometimes the hand.  It most often occurs on one side and can be associated with a neurologic deficit such as numbness or weakness.  If the pain radiates to the base of the skull it often will associate with a headache as well, and if it radiates to the legs, most call it sciatica.

The root cause and proper diagnosis of radiating pain is determined with consultation and proper examination.  Depending on the cause and severity, the extent of the examination will be determined at the time of the office visit.  This type of pain can be caused by joint restrictions, pinched nerves, herniated discs, and spinal stenosis.

The majority of patients improve with conservative treatments and do not require surgery.  If you are experiencing one or more of the symptoms above we would love for you to visit our office in Keller, Performance Chiropractic Clinic.  Dr. James will conduct a thorough history and examination to determine the cause and best course of care to restore your function back to normal.  In most cases, gentle chiropractic and/or needle-less acupuncture work wonders in eliminating your pain, restoring your function, and getting you back to normal following an auto accident.  You can contact our friendly staff for an appointment at our Keller office:  817-337-3636

Dr. Dennis James, DC, FASA

Certified in Brain & Whiplash Traumatology