Shoulder injuries following an auto injury can be quite painful and the severity of the pain can be coming from many different areas of the shoulder.  The shoulder girdle is a very complex mechanism that includes attachments of muscles, tendons, ligaments all located around a ball and socket joint.  It is imperative to find the proper cause of your shoulder pain which could be stemming from one or more of the regions as mentioned above.

Injuries can occur to the shoulder by bracing yourself from the impact, trying to protect another passenger, use of seatbelt, or direct trauma from hitting part of the vehicle.  No matter the mechanism of injury, finding the cause of your pain and properly fixing it is our highest objective.

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We will consult with you regarding the injury and follow up with the necessary protocols to determine the best method of treatment.  Sometimes the injury can be severe with torn ligaments, muscles or even broken bones that would possibly require surgery.  However, more times than not, the majority of these injuries can be helped with gently chiropractic and acupuncture techniques.  We use these techniques to decrease the inflammatory process, restore proper range of motion, and overall get you out of pain.

Dr. Dennis James, Keller Chiropractor

Certified in Brain & Whiplash Traumatology