Migraines Got You Down?

Get Back to Living Pain-Free!

Tired of letting migraines dictate your life? We get it! At Performance Chiropractic Clinic we specialize in helping people overcome migraines and reclaim their quality of life & well-being.

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You don’t have to keep living with pain.

Tired of searching for relief? We have the answer. Our gentle chiropractic techniques can help you feel better quickly.

Chiropractic treatment doesn’t have to be painful.

We provide EXCEPTIONALLY GENTLE treatments to reduce your pain, not cause more.

With a unique application of the latest innovative Chiropractic techniques combined with the most modern application and principles of Acupuncture, our unique hands-on approach restores health by obtaining a biopositive reflex response through proper nerve stimulation and rebalancing of the brain and nervous system with just a gentle touch of the hand (no needles, no twisting or turning required). SAFE & EFFECTIVE.


Experience our ONE & ONLY CORE 4 EXAMINATION process finding the root imbalances structurally, functionally, neurologically, & metabolically which have been causing your pain and dis-ease.

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Kara V.

"I’m always a little fearful when going to see a new chiropractor because they are not all the same in technique or level of pressure they use. This guy is amazing! I was blown away! He is so gentle and yet I have found his adjustments to be more effective than any other chiropractor I have been to"

Sherry L.

"I have gone to chiropractors my entire life. I have never had the success that I have had with Dr James. He listens, he is encouraging, he is gentle, he uses techniques that have made drastic improvements. I am no longer in pain, no migraines. My entire family has benefited from going to him. And his staff is amazing!!!!! 😊😊"

Dee Anne E.

"Treatment from Dr. James is all encompassing, with a gentler type of care than what I'd been used to. I enjoy each chiropractic experience now! Relaxing procedures and no more anxiousness about adjustments! It is wonderful! Dr. James cares about my overall health-- from head to toe and will correlate appropriate treatment to whatever health issues I may have. I love this place...and the care and treatment I receive from Dr. James"

Marla G.

"How do I begin? I searched the web checking reviews and finally decided that Dr James sounded like he could help me. I had been to numerous chiropractors, received several injections and the pain always returned. I couldn’t walk without being in sheer agony so I knew something had to change. That change came in the form of Dr James. He gave me my life back and I am so thankful to have chosen him to help me heal. He is amazing"

Courtney D.

"Dr. James is wonderful! He is incredibly gentle and knows what he has doing. He has helped me and my children immensely. I’ve been to one other chiropractor before and Dr. James is by far the best! He takes the time to listen and hear what your needs are and go from there"