Chiropractic care is imperative for athletes, which is why experts now estimate that 90 % of all world-class athletes use chiropractic. A few of the benefits include:

1) Restoration of function following injury

Headaches – occur most commonly from an injury in the neck/cervical region of the spine. This occurs often in sports and is why a Duke University study showed “spinal manipulation resulted in almost immediate relief for headaches originating from the neck”

Concussions – these occur more frequently than many are willing to admit. The brain becomes injured, nervous system affected, and results can be devastating. At Performance Chiropractic Clinic, we use our state of the art technology to accurately assess what impact has occurred on the neurological system and create the best game plan to restore the proper function and minimize future injury.

Knee pain – stresses on the knee joint in any sport can cause many injuries. Injuries can occur in the joint, muscles, ligament, etc. Adjustments for the knee are gentle and effective in getting you back in the game.

Shoulder pain – can occur in the joint itself, surrounding musculature, thoracic spine and shoulder blade region, or from the neck. The shoulder is a highly mobile joint without much bony support, so is crucial of fast recovery and maintaining function.

Foot and ankle injuries – getting motion restored back in the ankle and foot joint restores function, decreases stress on the joint, and accelerates the healing process while decreasing pain.

2) Injury prevention

As an athlete, many stresses build up on the body and overtime can wreak havoc on the ability to perform at the highest level and/or stay in the game. These stresses work from a critical mass point…..the same way when it snows, snow builds up on a leaf until it hits a critical mass point. One more snow flake causes the entire leaf to “drop.” As stresses build on our spine and nervous system, it is necessary to remove the stress before you hit a critical mass point that the body “drops” and causes pain, injury, or disease. Regular chiropractic care is necessary in order to remove these stresses off the skeletal system and the nervous system to give your body the margin to take on more stresses. It is much easier to keep you healthy, than to get you healthy.

3) Enhances performance

In sports, every person is looking for a competitive edge. When you attain the elite level, the difference between 1st and 2nd is often milliseconds, so every ounce of physical, mental, and emotional response is imperative. Optimal health of the nervous system allows for less tension which allows for more ease of movement. Chiropractic also keeps the function of the nervous system at peak performance allowing for greater concentration, optimal response time and enhanced adaptability to unexpected stimuli. Another reason why most world class athletes choose chiropractic care.