Restoring Health and Boosting Performance with Superhuman? Who benefits?

Feel run down, tired, burnt out, exhausted, sick, not enough energy, pain, getting old, can’t keep up with the kids, can’t do what you love to do, looking for the edge in sports, need faster recovery, want to enhance you training program and be the best?

The benefits of the Superhuman protocol are compelling no matter the stage of life you’re in. From a young or elite athlete, to a parent/leader of a household, a business owner or CEO, or even a grandparent, the Superhuman protocol helps humans live their life to their fullest potential, attaining the highest quality of life and longevity possible, and allowing them to lives lives congruent to their personal purpose and dreams.

What is the protocol?

Imagine receiving Earth’s life forming and sustaining elements in therapeutic levels.

Our superhuman protocol uses PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields), EWOT (exercise with Oxygen training), and PMBT (Photobiomodulation), also known as low
level light therapy.

PEMF restores cellular function and improved weak functioning cells by using Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) programs that are equivalent to the natural frequencies of the body. Exercise with oxygen training (EWOT) is breathing higher concentrations of oxygen during exercise to penetrate to even the smallest and furthest capillaries. Low Level Light therapy counteracts the oxidative stress response on the body, promotes tissue repair (muscles, tendons, bones, nerves), and reduces pain and inflammation.