Yes, weight loss is easy when done right! Welcome to our advanced weight loss system protocol which addresses all 8 reasons for weight gain, while combining non-surgical body contouring for unparalleled results! It is our mission to not just help you lose weight, but to create health naturally in a way that allows you to properly return to a normal weight, thus creating an abundance of health, healing, and confidence! Not only that, but research has shown for every pound you are overweight, it causes an extra 4 lbs of weight on the load bearing joints. Imagine how much better you can feel taking the stress and inflammation off of the joints!

First we will discuss the hot topic; body contouring. Low Level Light Body Contouring is rapidly becoming one of the most sought after procedures, preferred by both men and women. Men, as well as women, have problematic areas of excess fat accumulation. While men have excessive fat accumulation in areas such as love handles, abdomen and chest, women tend to have trouble with the thighs, arms, hips, buttocks, and abdomen. All those who have excess skin or fat in any of these areas can benefit from this form of body contouring.

As with any type of weight modifying program, diet and exercise will have an effect on the results, specifically if a person does not make an attempt to maintain a healthy lifestyle. A specific supplemental program, a small amount of exercise and a recommended level of water consumption will help with lymphatic stimulation to optimize the results of the body contouring. We are about fueling the body and restoring health properly, thus it becomes more about returning to a healthier weight. The Light protocol can help motivate a person and jumpstart a person’s determination to improve their appearance, making it much easier to attain their goal and taking weight off the musculoskeletal system in very safe and much more efficient way.

Introducing PNOE and BluePrint Nutrition. Our state of the art metabolic exam (PNOE) allows us to determine your overall current state of health, fat metabolic rate, and more to be able to set a personalized plan specifically for you. Thus, in order to lose weight AND gain health, we will be addressing the root cause of your weight gain and have the correct accountability and support for you every step of the way.

Our Nutrition to Weight Loss gets down to the basics and address the root causes that we are about to discuss to achieve the PERMANENT weight loss desired. Over the course of our program we will be teaching your mind and body how to burn fat instead of sugar, eliminate the cravings and lower stress while increasing energy.



So let’s expose the 8 root causes of your weight gain so we can show you exactly what to do about them so your weight loss efforts and goals become permanent.

With our three phases of care approach we will address Candida, Toxicity, Thyroid, Hunger Hormones, Sleep, Stress, Brain-Based Food Cravings, and Food Management.

These are the 8 culprits of weight gain that are never addressed in a synergistic way to not just lose weight but to keep it off.

Candida is a yeast and a fungus found in the gut lining of the body. A little is okay, but when there is an overgrowth it starts to cause some serious health issues that keeps those extra pounds on that seem to never be able to come off.

Half the U.S. population suffer from JFH Syndrome. That’s the “Just Feel Horrible” Syndrome. It’s not really a syndrome, but sometimes it’s annoying little symptoms such as achy joints or muscles, brain fog, fatigue, headaches, and unexplained weight gain that keeps you feeling down and out. Toxicity could be the cause of most of these ailments and detoxification could be the solution, especially for weight gain.

The thyroid has a big job. The hormones it secretes help maintain a healthy heart rate, maintain healthy skin, and play a crucial role in your metabolism. When the gland is sluggish, due to candida, as we just discussed, it can rob you of your energy, dry out your skin, and make your joints ache. Those are all undesirable symptoms, but what we’re specifically talking about here is that it can cause dramatic weight gain.

When we mentioned hormones in this program we are not talking about progesterone, testosterone and estrogen. Although they do play a role in weight gain, but ghrelin, leptin, adiponectin, insulin and cortisol are hormones that truly are the missing link when it comes to achieving permanent weight loss. These hormones give us feedback on things like the feeling of fullness, appetite, energy balance, and fat storage.

Research suggests an association between sleep restriction and negative changes in metabolism. In adults, sleeping 4 hours a night, compared to 8-10 hours a night, appears to increase hunger and appetite particularly for calorie-dense foods high in carbohydrates.

Experts have agreed that stress management is a critical part of weight loss regimens, particularly in those who have a busy life with jobs, families and other responsiblities. Another overlooked aspect of stress and weight loss is not just the emotional stress, its the oxidative stress as well. Fat storage expands when the body gets inflamed so we of course address the stress inflammation response in our program.

We have been raised to think that food cravings come from a simple desire to eat that specific food. But most of the time, it’s a signal from your body that there is a deficiency of some sort, a nutritional need or an imbalance in your body and/or brain chemistry.

You will see just how easy it can be to get your clean eating on track. Whether you want to lose a few pounds or get back to your ideal weight, eating proper portions is as important as eating the right foods.

Sounds like a lot? It’s truly a SIMPLE SOLUTION when you utilize our Nutrition to weight loss nutrition kit which includes the proper supplementation to address each of these 8 root causes, along with our handbook and active workbook which is included as well. We will also be here every step of the way with online support and doctor supervision to ensure your success and help transition in a way that helps keep the weight off!


We have the answer and are ready to help you reach your health goals!!!