Chiropractic adjustments are an integral part of wellness for any person of any age. We have many stresses on our body whether physical, mental, emotional, or toxic that impact our nervous system and/or our skeletal structure. When these stresses build up, dis-ease occurs within the body, which later leads to disease.

The same way when it snows, snow builds up on a leaf until it hits a critical mass point. One more snow flake causes the entire leaf to “drop.” As stresses build on our spine and nervous system, it is necessary to remove the stress before you hit a critical mass point that the body “drops” and causes pain, injury, or disease.

Wellness care in Keller is a specialty at Performance Chiropractic Clinic as we can accurately assess both the physical stresses on the spine and the functional stresses on the nervous system to ensure we are keeping your body functioning and performing at its optimal level in order to live with abundant health.

The nervous system is the master system that controls and coordinates all organs and structures within the body. Glands, hormones, elimination, adaptability, sleep, circulation, digestion, & movement are all regulated within this system. Call today if you’d like to discuss wellness options and ensuring your nervous system is working optimally.