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A Note From Dr. Dennis James

Your health enables you to live a fulfilled life; however, most of us do not understand how important our health is until it’s at risk. Being a devoted husband and father of two, I understand how important it is to ensure your loved ones are able to enjoy a pain-free, vibrant, and fulfilled life, but I’ve also learned that you can’t neglect your own health, either. At Performance Chiropractic Clinic, it is our mission to be a healing place for both you and your loved ones. We will get you out of pain and maximize your body’s innate ability to heal itself.

Your body has an incredible capacity to heal itself. Often, when a patient has an acute condition, chronic pain, reduced motor function, or just seems to catch a cold too often, factors affecting the spine and nervous system are getting in the way of the body’s natural way of healing and fighting off injury and illness.

I became a chiropractor after witnessing its profound affect on people’s lives and overall health. Many people are able stop taking medications they were previously relying on, while others are able to avoid painful and expensive surgery, or discover new potential for personal performance or athletic achievement.

I hope you’ll give chiropractic a try (even if you can’t visit our chiropractic clinic here in Keller). You’ll find that you feel better every day, get sick less often, and have more energy.

Our team at Performance Chiropractic is committed to helping restore your body to its full performance.

I hope to see you at the our family chiropractic clinic soon. Give us a call at 817-337-3636 to schedule your appointment!

What Our Patients Are Saying

My son started eating better, sleeping better and was smiling ear to ear after his treatments. I would recommend Dr. James to any mother with an infant struggling with acid reflux or colic. It has made a huge difference for me and my son!

Heidi, Colleyville, TX

I quit soccer when I was 6 because of asthma. After I started seeing Dr. James, I was finally able to stop using my inhaler and started soccer again in High School…no problem with asthma!!

Hunter, College Station, TX

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