Helping Your Kids Achieve Health Naturally!

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Podcast Interview:

Hello everyone. This is Liz Harvey coming to you from our studios in New York City where we are dedicated to bringing you top quality advice from many of the leading expert professionals across the U.S. In today’s episode we are speaking with chiropractor, Dr. Dennis James, a performance chiropractic clinic located in Keller, Texas. Dr. James is a nationally recognized chiropractor and a member of both the American and Texas Chiropractic Association. He is also a Fellow of the Acupuncture Society of America. Dr. James specializes in family chiropractic care, treating infants to seniors.

Today we’re going to talk about a very important topic:

Helping Your Kids Achieve Health Naturally.

RC: Hi, Dr. James. How are you today?

Dr. Dennis James: I’m good, Liz. Thank you for having me on.

RC: Well, thanks for joining me.

When conducting a chiropractic exam on an infant, what are you looking for?

Dr. Dennis James: Well, we’re looking for spinal stress that basically causes a neurological effect. So many times that can happen as early as the birth stage and if anybody has ever watched even a C-section (they tend to think that those are easier) – if you’ve seen one on YouTube, it can actually be quite a traumatic experience and especially with the amount of neurological function up at the upper portion of the neck and the lower portion of the brain, around that brain stem. If it’s pulled right and stressed through there, there are many different things that can go on. The earlier that we can get that stress off of that nervous system, the more that we can ensure that that child is going to grow up and be healthy in the young stages and also have a healthy and satisfying life as they move forward as well.

Ear infections are a common problem for children of all ages. How can chiropractic help?

Dr. Dennis James: Well, the most important thing is to give the exam first to make sure that there is a spinal stress that cause the neurological function in there to be causing a problem of that nature. Now, the way to understand it is very similar to a tree. When you’re watering a tree from a hose, that water is going to be the nutrients that is needed for that tree to be vibrant. The body works the same way, whether it’s ear infections or colic or other things that tend to get better even though that we don’t treat those directly because we’re restoring the function.

When you keep the hose to that tree, over a period of time you start to see a tree that was wilted and not functioning real well start to come back to life just because of that water that’s coming back, and the nervous system is the exact same way. When it is that we check the problem there and we see spinal nerve stress in that area, it can affect the neurological issue, and we go, “Hey, this is the area that we need to restore that function. We need to get it better,” and not only do we sometimes see ear infections get better, but a host of things get better, as well.

Many people suffer from seasonal and food allergies. In what ways does chiropractic treatment help?

Dr. Dennis James: Yes, Liz, this is a fun one. It’s really probably best to answer through testimonies. We had a couple patients here just in the last month that we were helping with that and one of them came in because it was the last straw. They went to a birthday party and just weren’t able to have any ice cream and the daughter was upset, and we had the opportunity to help her.

The big thing I want people to understand is we’re not trying to get it to where you’re just going to go eat this way all the time. There’s a law of nutrition that you must follow. There’s different coordinations that you must follow of what you’re going to put in your body, but with that being said, there’s also the 80-20 principle that if the body’s nervous system is working properly, it should be able to adapt to stress, so just by eating a bowl of ice cream per se or something of that nature, it should be able to adapt to that and be able to handle it.

Another patient that we just treated, which is one of my favorite ones lately, is she came in and the immune system was completely depleted. She was getting sick all the time and they were tired of doing antibiotics and all that other type of stuff, and after restoring the function of what we had going on, the mom actually came in and told us that the nut allergies are gone, the dairy allergies are gone. She’s able to have a normal diet again, which wasn’t happening, and that’s not even something that we knew was a main issue for her. We just knew we had to restore her function.

Kids experience aches and pains just like we do. Would a chiropractor be able to determine the source of the pain and help alleviate it naturally?

Dr. James: Absolutely. My favorite part of that question is alleviate it naturally, because in my opinion, we have a responsibility to train our kids in the way they should go, and there’s different aspects of that, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. When we take a look at health, there’s a lot of things that go with that, and kids are sometimes brought up right now that they say, “Mom and Dad, I’ve got a pain, I got this,” and people give them a drug. They give them a Tylenol, they give them an Advil.

The question I tend to think is, “Hey, what’s going to happen in 10 years when the mom isn’t there? Are they going to run to a higher drug, a higher pain medication that’s in the cabinet?” Then, outside of that, are they going to maybe have some emotional issues and they’re going to go to alcohol or other bigger types of drugs, so the opportunity to bring people in and train them that by restoring function of their body, it has the highest healing capacity and it can actually heal on its own, I believe we’re training up in a natural way that teaches them to be healthy and not to rely on these things to cover up their problems but to actually allow ourselves to heal the problem, so to speak, and to see them be healthy for a long time.

Lastly, can receiving regular chiropractic care help kids stay healthy?

Dr. Dennis James: Oh, absolutely. Yes, you take a look at kids, and one of the best things about kids is how flexible and pliable they are, but no matter how that is, if you have brothers, you have sisters, you see them wrestling around, you see them having falls on the playground, you see them having emotional stresses, things going on that are just so much to handle that it can take a tax on that nervous system.

Everything that we can do to be able to take that stress off of the spine to eliminate the inflammatory process that occurs on the inside and to continue to keep it healthy so that the nervous system can work at the highest level, that’s when the body has the ability to adapt to those stresses. That’s when they’re able to be more successful at what they do, whether it is sports, whether it is school, whether it is focus. They can supersede a lot of those things because the nervous system is working so well.

RC: Well, thank you so much, Dr. James. We know you’re extremely busy, so I just want to thank you for your time and your help today.

Dr. Dennis James: Absolutely. Thank you for having me on, Liz.

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