The Benefits Of Needle-Less Acupuncture Combined With Gentle Chiropractic Care

So many people are searching for health and healing naturally and have come to many dead ends. Unfortunately, due to the frustration and unanswered promises, many people stop their quest for natural health which can lead to detrimental effects down the road. It’s a mantra for me daily as I prepare for each of you I get to serve within the office….”you haven’t tried everything unless you’ve tried us!”

What we do is so different and we know that. If you just want some bones moved and some pops to be heard, we are not the place for you. However, if you are interested in maximizing neurological function through gentle care, then we are your answer. What makes us different is that we combine some gentle acupressure techniques along with chiropractic which also allows us to not do the twisting and turning that so many people have a fear of, especially for their children. This is also why we treat so many difficult and chronic cases in which people have had previous surgeries and other complicating factors in which we are able to still restore function that sometimes they thought was too far gone. The best part is, when you restore neurological function, the bodies innate healing abilities are maximized and the body heals itself at a much more effective and efficient rate, which leads to improvement of many conditions we’ve seen get better in our office. A few examples are: asthma, insomnia, disc injuries, allergies, colic, plantar fasciitis, headaches, migraines, shoulder pain, TMJ and many others. When these things get better, its not because we cured them , but because we restored function and the body began to heal itself properly again.

We use needle-less Acupuncture to create balance within the energy patterns of the body. When a disruption occurs, certain vital organs and systems receive too much energy while other organs and systems receive too little. This creates an imbalance in health which causes different disease patterns and conditions. The proper restoration of that energy flow through chiropractic and/or needle-less acupuncture brings back the body’s balance and allows the body to return to a more normal function. When that happens, the body is able to heal itself of the conditions and disease patterns because the resistance is higher and the body has achieved a higher state of health and well-being.

If you are searching for that answer, we’d be honored to serve you. When being treated in our office, the chiropractic adjustment is very precise and gentle. Acupuncture is performed mostly with fingertips as a form of acupressure or it’s done by microcurrent, a form of electrical stimulation which allows the acupuncture point of the meridian to be balanced with that energy. Everything we do is gentle, pain-less and effective in maximizing human performance. As for those in which we have had an honor to help, stay the course. It’s easier to stay healthy than it is to get healthy and every choice you make adds upon the other. As most people get better, they stop doing what got them better as they think they have arrived at “health.” Unfortunately, this is not a destination, it truly is a journey in which your health is in a constant state of either being created or destroyed. Let’s have fun on the journey, and choose to create the quality of life you would love to have…….let Chiropractic & Acupuncture be an answer for you!



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